Psychiatric Drug Effects
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Health and Social Care Practitioners Mental Health Information

 This series provides a critical appraisal for treatments in mental health.  Some information will not be found in UK mainstream mental health literature. References are used extensively.

Sourced by Jan Evans MCSP. Grad Dip Phys. and Catherine Clarke SRN, SCM, MSSCH, MBChA.

Pharmacogenetics and Mental Health

This section has four separate parts and includes:

  • Introduction to pharmacogenetics (how drugs are absorbed)
  • Pharmacogenetics in relation with poor clinical outcomes,  ‘schizophrenia’ and cannabis related ‘schizophrenia’.
  •  A hypothesis for antipsychotic medication in association with aggression which has a higher incidence for BME population.
  • How antipsychotic drugs impact upon psychotherapy.

Professional Mental Health Information Series

Antidepressant Side Effects 

  •  Antidepressant Physical Side Effects
  •  Antidepressant Psychological Side Effects  
  • Antidepressant Withdrawal Reactions: Psychological. Cognitive and Physical 

 Neuroleptic Side Effects

  • Antipsychotic Physical Adverse Drug Reactions
  • Antipsychotic Psychological Adverse Drug Reactions


  •  Overview of Past and Present Treatments of 'Schizophrenia'
  •  Successful Non-Neuroleptic Treatments for ‘Schizophrenia’  

Improving Access To Psychological Therapies and Medication (IAPT) Issues

  • How IAPT was positioned regarding antidepressant medication and the changes made since IAPT inception.