Antidepressant Awareness

These antidepressant movies and pdfs have been devised by Jan & Chris Evans and myself about antidepressant medications. All movies contain global information and research - some of which is unknown in UK Mental Health. 

Part 1: Antidepressant Awareness
Essential information about the long-term physical side effects of antidepressant medication, other known side effects and how antidepressants fail to maintain increased serotonin levels.  Movie and PDF

Part 2: Antidepressant Awareness
Serotonin Syndrome and suicide in relation with antidepressant medication; NICE Guidelines for Depression and Choice and Medication mismatches. Antidepressant withdrawal signs and symptoms.  Movie and PDF

Part 3: Antidepressant Awareness Antidepressant Induced Psychosis and Mania
Essential information on antidepressant induced violence, psychosis and mania with the science behind it. Movie and PDF
Part 4: Antidepressant Awareness Pharmacogenetics
The importance of genotyping test to establish whether a person is able to metabolise antidepressant medication.  Movie and PDF